Can a Subwoofer/Speaker system cause system shorts??

Yesterday I installed a Logitech Z313 2.1 speaker system with subwoofer to replace the old cr** Harmon/Kardon speakers I had hooked up.

A few hours later and multiple times and after running tests on everything I could figure out how to the only difference in the system running (besides in Safe Mode) is the speaker being disconnected. It ran overnight with the speaker plugged in but off in normal mode but when I got home from work today it had crashed again. I ran memory tests, windows diagnostic, Spyware and Malware sweep, reseated the memory and video, changed the video card.. Now I'm running in normal desktop and it's been up for 20+ minutes.. it would previously freeze (only outside of safe mode..) before the desktop would finish loading.

Could my new speaker system be the cause, shorting the MOBO or something??
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  1. Yes, it was plugged in to the on board MoBo audio. The subwoofer was on the rug under the desk but the base of the box was raised on the 4 legs of it so I don't know what that would mean.

    How can I tell which codec it is?
  2. Also... this is the system in question
  3. MCP73M01H1 (Napa).. HP Pavillion a6300f stock board

    I'm getting very frustrated.. just noticed the house fan i had plugged in to the same outlet (not on the power strip) was running VERY hot and on low setting was barely on. Have unplugged it completely and tried it in a different outlet and it wouldn't turn on at all..
  4. The system is brand new and works just fine, I was just thinking it may be the cause of the shorts on my PC
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