Hard disk is not getting detected do not even vibrate how to recover data

Hello,sir i had Samsung hdd 500 GB. Suddenly one day it was not getting boot,i tried my level best and found that my hdd is faulty.I then connected second hdd as master and boot my PC. faulty hdd i had connected as slave but it not even vibrating.Also i had one sata to USB converter kit,even when i connected my hdd as USB it not getting vibrated also not even getting detected.required your help
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  1. If you had a second hard drive installed, why didn't you use that for backing up your user data from the boot drive?
    All hard drives fail eventually and you must always be prepared for that by keeping backups.

    If the drive is not recognised and is not even vibrating when you touch it, that means it is not spinning up.
    Recovery software cannot work on a drive that will not spin up or is not recognised by the system.

    The only method open to you is to send the drive to a data recovery service - but that is extremely expensive.
    Not a very nice situation to be in - all because you did not bother to back up the data that's on it.
  2. if the drive controler/pbc board went bad you can find the same used drive on ebay or near you. you can try and swap the pbc and see if the drive spins up. if it the motor that failed as the other poster has posted a drive recovery lab is needed.
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