Asus Rampage III Black Edition 2 A1,A2 slots weird problem

Ok so I bought Asus Rampage III Black Edition and I have the weirdest problem ever. I have 24 GB Corsair CMX 4GB module each 1600 9-9-9-24. All modules are OK, I checked them on my other board. Now the problem is with A1, A2 slots. They do not recognize the ram. I tried with different ram, I tried increasing voltage on IOH, hell I tried everything, even risky increasing DRAM Voltage to 1.66v. But the weird thing is that CPU-Z detects ram, and the BIOS says there is nor RAM in A1,A2 slots! This is impossible.

Here is the link with pictures of CPU-Z detecting all ram:

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  1. werner123 said:
    Hi, probably just a compatibility issue with the board have you updated your bios to the latest version? that could solve the issue

    Does it show the correct amount of installed memory in windows?

    The bios is up to date. And in windows I do not have correct amount of memory nor in bios (memory from first slots A1 and A2 is missing). Just CPU-Z shows me the correct one. Very strange
  2. werner123 said:
    Well then it's just a memory/motherboard compatibility issue because it works on another board, is there any way you can swap these modules out for another brand?

    What happens if you install the ram only in a1 and a2 dimms?

    I tried with different ram and it is the same. When I install ram on A1 or A2 slots there is no POST, no beep nothing, just black screen.
  3. werner123 said:
    Are those dimm slots a1 and a2 visibly fine no burn marks etc.

    install just one module at a time in each slot, if a1 and a2 still not working then it's probably defective.

    Does your motherboard support flashing your bios to previous versions? try that

    Dimm slots are OK, there are no visible damage. I tried with one ram first on A1 slot, then on A2 slot but with no success. And the funniest thing is that there is only one version-the first version of the bios, Asus still have not released new bios for Rampage III Black Edition
  4. Memory Configuration Protect -> Enable

    Start at 1:30:
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