Why do i have two hard drives on my mac

Hello, Why do I have two hard drives on my computer? I can understand that each drive is physically, only so big and therefore can only hold so much data, but why is one named "Macintolsh HD" and the other "Untitled"? What benefit is this to me, if any?
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  1. If you have two separate hard drives installed (as opposed to having two partitions on just one hard drive), one can be used for the OS and user data, whilst the other can be used for storing backups of the user's data.

    Whichever hard drive fails first, the owner still has their data on the other one.

    Even today I'm seeing posts every day from people who's hard drive has failed and they lost all their data because they didn't have it backed up. Help me get my data back! I just don't understand how they can be so naive to think that a hard will last forever.
  2. Thank you!

    So my "Untitled" disk is a place to store things that are especially important and would be a major pain if I lost them, for example, back up copies of estimates that I write up for my clients.
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