Really embarrassing question about RAM.

So in my motherboard I currently have two sticks of RAM in it. The place where you stick RAM into the motherboard looks like the one on this motherboard:

Two sets of orange + yellow slots. Why is it that my RAM is only in the orange slots? Can I buy the exact same 2x2GB RAM and stick both of them in the yellow slots to double my RAM? Sorry for the question, don't laugh too much.
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    The Ram is in the 2 orange slots because it supports Dual Channel RAM, so the orange are channel 1, and the yellow are channel 2.

    Yes you can get 2 more sticks of the same RAM and put them in the yellow slots to get a performance upgrade :)
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  3. Read your manual. It has the answer to all your questions.

    Don't be lazy.
  4. Unfortunately adding RAM, even of the identical model, does not always function without issues. It's always best to buy ONE, tested, matched RAM kit of the quantity you desire. Some folks do add RAM and it works, but many folks have learned the hard way this is not always true.
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