What hard drives should I get?

I'm building a new gaming pc and I need to know whether I should get a 500GB SSD Or like.. 2 256gb hard drives. What would the best way to go about this be? And storage is kind of a big deal so I don't have to delete games as often. Thanks for advice in advance. :kaola: Oh, and I also want to record with fraps at 60 fps without dips.
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  1. Get a 120GB or 240GB SSD and a 1TB hdd. I really think that 120GB should be enough for installed games, if you need more go for the 240GB SSD.
    Why do you want to use th SSD to store data? HDD are best to store data and re more reliable. Also will you be needing the SSD speeds for just file transfers?
  2. Yes. Mostly for fast startup and file transfer for fraps. And I just realized that the laptop I'm using right now has 2 SSD's in it.. both 500GB and I'm not really using one of them. Do you think it would be possible to take one out and put it in the desktop and buy just one cheap SSD to put fraps on?

    Is it any good? Or should I just buy a new ssd altogether? I just don't want to spend alot of money..

    btw, this laptop is refurbished. So I'm not sure how old the ssd is but I've had the laptop for 4 months. And I use it for extensive gaming. If that helps to see if the ssd is any good.
  3. You can use the ssd from the laptop as storage and the new ssd As the boot drive.
    Also you should know that ssd are very less reliable than hdd. Use a hdd if tou have important data to store. Ssd failures are much frequent than hdd failures.
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