Attaching a Dust Filter without the fan

Hi guys,

I want to attach a dust filter to the side grill of my antec 300 case, however I do not have a fan to attach it to. I am using a negative pressure setup so cool air is drawn in through the side vent, though it also draws in a lot of dust.

I was looking at getting this dust filter, but I am wondering what the best way to attach it to the side of the case is. It says it comes with black screws, could I just pick up four washers and be done? If so, anyone happen to know the typical screw size for 120mm fans? Thanks for the help,

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    Maybe take the screws to your local store (once you have them ofc) and ask for nuts to fit them?
    superglue it to the panel?
    blue tac on the back of the screws?
    get a broken fan housing from somewhere and use the frame to mount it, remove blades, motor etc (if broken fan ofc
    just buy a cheap fan?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I think I am going to have to get new screws, since the ones that come with it are wood screws, and are meant to dig into the fan casing. I would rather not glue it on there. A buddy of mine suggested wrapping the screws in electrical tape, to make them thicker, which might let them bite a bit. I will mess around with it when it comes, thanks again for the help.
  3. Any reason you don't want a side fan in that case? The side fan is supposed to be an intake fan. I had 5 fans in my 300 and it worked very well (2 HDD intake, 1 side intake, 1 top outtake and 1 rear outtake). It will get noisy if the RPMs aren't adjusted (had a fan controller).
  4. Well I was going for the negative pressure setup:

    2 120mm Intake < 1 120mm + 1 140mm Exhaust

    Thus drawing in air from the vent.
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  6. Thank you for B.a. man, hope your sorted?
  7. Other option: Electrical tape it to the inside of the case. Cheap, removable, and definitely sturdy enough.
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