Asus Radeon HD 5770 on TV, static via HDMI after switching from PS3.


Going to try my best to describe a problem my friend is having with a desktop system I recently built him.

The desktop has an Asus 5770 Radeon HD CuCore videocard, he's using an HDMI cable to connect it to his Toshiba 40 inch 1080p television (model number T40RV525RZ) and using the television as his computer screen.

The television has 3 hdmi inputs. One input has the computer, another input has a playstation 3 and he last one is empty.

The TV displays his desktop fine, UNTIL he switch to the input with the ps3 and plays for a while. Once he switches back to his desktop after playing PS3, it shows a colorful static. He says after switching inputs back and forth a few times, it will eventually start to work again.

We have tried a couple little things but I'm really beat on this one. ANY ideas at all?

Am I allowed to offer a $5 reward via paypal for whoever has a suggestion that works..? If not, please disregard !
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  1. Well, TVs aren't made to be monitors, sure they work as monitors but they are not optmized. Switching between inputs on some of them will likely mess things up. What about if you switch to the PC input and then turn the monitor off and on?
  2. I've seen this problem when switching from different dvd players using
    hdmi input,I was instructed to un-plug the dvd player from the wall outlet for 30 seconds and then plug it back in and try works,before I learned that trick I purchased 3 new hdmi cables thinking it was a bad cable..........
  3. Thanks for the responses guys!

    Turning off the tv and turning it back on didn't do the trick. Unplugging it from the wall everytime he needs to switch inputs isn't too practical, especally since its a desktop computer. I'm hoping there is just a setting or something that needs to be changed.

    From what I have posted, does it sound like there could be a problem with the videocard? Note that it works fine when not switchig inputs from the PS3.
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