Which Is better? between these two boards
also which is a better cpu

AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2GHz
AMD Phenom II x4 925 Black Edition (2.8 Ghz)
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  1. The Asus seems better but both boards are old. The 925 is overclockable and the other isn't so which one is better depends on whether you overclock or not.

    I would suggest you buy an AM3+ board instead of those two. Either CPU should work fine if those two are what you want too choose from. A quick look thru newegg and I found this:

    It should last longer and overclock much more (with ease) than either board you chose.
  2. Is the Asus better this is my problem i just bought the Biostar and the 840 for $150 Brand new and ive found the asus & 925 for $125 so im thinking whether i should re sell the ones ive got and buy those.. they are used...
  3. You already bought the Biostar so you might as well keep it. The Asus is better and if you can sell what you have great but you would have to overclock the 925 on the Asus to get the same or greater speeds compared to the 840.

    The Asus is a better board and the 925 is slower at standard speed but if you overclock the 925 it can be better.

    If you can sell the Biostar and 840 great but it is a risk to take. You could go either way here but be careful if you choose the Asus since for the same speed you will need to overclock and you would need to sell the Biostar.
  4. so buy the asus and 925 im sure i can sell the biostar and 840.
  5. Only if you want to overclock the 925. If you don't want to overclock the 925 it will not be faster than the 840 (which doesn't overclock).
  6. But the 925 has an L3 cache which makes a world difference and can leave me with a more suitable upgrade.. correct?
  7. Should have bought a Gigabyte or Intel board.
    965 black is the one to get.
  8. i found the asus 925 combo for $125 lol thats pretty good im selling my Biostar board and Phenom II x4 840 (3.2)Ghz both sealed in original boxes....
  9. soundguruman said:
    Should have bought a Gigabyte or Intel board.
    965 black is the one to get.

    :sol: :sol: :sol: never buy an intel board, if u on overclocking, otherwise you can go with it if u don't know anything but using a pc for common office apps and net browsing. :sol: :sol: :sol:
  10. im looking to do some gaming... so im not sure wth im gonna do lol..
    bought these parts but i shoulda got better ones..
  11. Those should do good in gaming if you get a decent video card. The motherboard, CPU, RAM, and anything else aren't as important as the video card in gaming.

    I suggest you get a newer AM3+ motherboard and at least a Radeon 6570. The CPU isn't very important and you could probably get away with pretty much any CPU that costs more than $60.

    If you buy a video card that is as fast as or faster than a 6570 then you should be able to game with the Biostar or Asus (Asus is much better but you shouldn't notice a big difference) but they are older parts. Newer parts will last longer (if you don't buy crap) and be more upgradeable with future tech.
  12. Oh and buy from if possible.
  13. Yea i bought my memory, MOBO from them getting ready to buy a PSU to power my insane power guzzler 4850x2... lol

    The radeon 4850x2 should serve me well i hooked up the MOBO and CPU and ram and wow what a difference.. so with the card in ill be set for what im looking to do im more about smooth play then Graphics..
    so ill be good.

    Went from old biostar board to new board
    from Athlon 64 x2 @2.0 to Phenom II x4 840 @3.2 lol
    And from 1gb of ram to Patriot gaming series 4GB
    And even with the onboard Graphics i was pretty shocked..
    Went from playing wow at lowest possible settings at 12fps to lowest at 54fps and at ultra settings i was at 12fps so... pretty big jump there and the same fps when i used to play on low lol. thats all without the 4850x2 with an extra 2gb of ram for graphics.. lol
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