Low power consumption / plus gaming performance

Dear Readers and Tom techies,

I'm interested in building a low power eating gaming rig, I know not the usual mix!

Thinking so far as of parts for this low powered gamer please keep in mind for ALL SUGGESTIONS I want only low power consumption parts.

I look to this community for help in these quest because I respect the input of most save a few!

The reason for this build my kids live in Alaska the power during the winter hours they really kick your tush....and hard on the trousers when I used to get that bill each month.

As for the processor I'm a die hard AMD nut :pt1cable: supporting them in the hopes my money will help them over throw the evil empire (Intel) please no remarks on how crazy that might be thank guys

OS = Win7 64-bit

PC = Phenom II X4 910e

GPU = ATI - 5570 Card 1GB ddr 5

SSD / OS drive = G.Skill Phoenix PRO 120GB SSD

Ram = 8GB ECC / Kingston KVR1066D3D8R7SK2/8G

Storage hard drive's w/ raid 10 / 4x Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EARS 1TB SATA2 64MB

motherboard = Asus M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 (supports ECC memory)

PSU = ? (suggestions wanted)

monitor = Asus ML238H 23"

Optic drive = ? (suggestions wanted)
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  1. What monitor do you have, the 5570 is too weak for gaming. What games you want to play?
  2. Mosox,

    Driving games mostly Need for speed, halo, etc. the reason for the 5570 is the 45watt TDP I have played the same games on 5570 ddr2 already not super hi res. but playable on a Vizio 32" 720 i/p res. I don't really know is there something better with same TDP as far as GPU's also I'm looking for a monitor that is low power consumption as well but can handle the upgrade to stronger GPU when the whole system gets revamped again but that will be at least a year or two when better power efficient parts are available with same or better TDP.

    thx any input is welcomed
  3. Just a few suggestions...

    Ram : 8GB is really not needed unless you're doing some computing intensive tasks.

    HDs: Two of these are great for both speed and capacity. They're not exactly "green" or eco drives though.

    PSU: Silent and Efficient
  4. Karma,

    Thank you for the suggestions, as for the 8GB ram, someday this unit (actually hoping it is possible) well be a server of sorts but that is down the road or a linux play toy but these are great suggestion though!

    Thank you, Poppasmurf
  5. A HD 5670 should be the minimum IMO. For the monitor, those LED backlit are more economical, here's one:
  6. mosox said:
    A HD 5670 should be the minimum IMO. For the monitor, those LED backlit are more economical, here's one:

    Thank you for the info on the monitor 33 watts and 1 watt at idle perfect thanks! Now as for the GPU that ATI - 5570 1 GB ddr5 @ full tilt run she runs a 45 watt! For I agree not your highest settings but an exceptional setting is still playable at med level settings now if this card a 5670 two time the card cause this machine well be running long and hard (ready for this..... 6 flipping kids will be fight for time to play on this from 7 to 24yrs. old) so a second will be made for them if we do good here sorry to say unless it is a mizer as the 5570 cause at 90 is double that is not good really I need the wattage cut WAY back here so any body with good knowledge of green hugging tree wattage saving goodies :) ( lordie that was a mouthful) are to be had, let me in on the scoop please. thanks again! The quest goes on :pt1cable:
  7. I thinking I'm going to use a M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 motherboard by ASUS they support ECC memory and when this is ready for a new and improved power miser / gamer it well become a server of some sort ;)
  8. Sandy Bridge core i3-2100 gets the best performance/watt numbers of the Intel chips. I'm building a system around it for that reason myself. Too bad my GPU will use 8x the juice that my CPU uses...
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