Dell AW2310 text blocky when selecting 120hz...HELP PLEASE!

OK folks, I have a problem and need help. I just got a Dell Alienware AW2310 monitor. It does 120hz but when I select it and apply the change, the text on my desktop, windows, explorer, IE, etc all become so blocky and blurred i can't read it. I blew up the DPI to 200 so I could but that does me no good. I played with the True Type setting to no avail. How do I get 120hz going for normal computing? Do I have to switch it every time I play Crysis or any other game? Do I need to set up an automatic switchiong profile in the Nvidia COntrol Panel? Is this even possible? I read in other forums that this should work in game or not in game. I would like 120hz for streaming MLB and NFL games as well as Blu Ray movies I watch on my PC and the games of course. I was planning on getting the Nvidia 3D setup but until I get this issue resolved, it's on hold.

Here is my rig setup:
MSI Big Bang SLI mobo
i7 920 @ stock speeds ( I never OC CPU's)
6GB 12600 Ram (no big deal on this issue!)
Dual 9800 GX2's in quad SLI mode overclocked by 7.5% using EVGA Precision (nice! and MSI said the X58 chipset couldn't do it...morons)
Intel 2nd Generation 160GB SSD
Xfi Fatality Exterme Gamer

My exp index is 6.9 with the 9800's being the slowest point.

Help me ObiWan (or some sh** like that) you're my only hope.
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  1. Well you can't watch Blue-Ray movies in 3D with a 9000 series Nvidia card..

    But for the main problem I don't know, gotta look into it.
  2. I dont have any 3d BD movies but I want 3d gaming. I just spent time playing Crysis with 120hz truned on and it played funny. I already played it once on my old 60hz monitor and it was fine so something is amiss here.
  3. Does anyone have this monitor and run 120Hz? What cable do you have and are you running it only with 3D games and 2D/3D movies?
  4. mgrovenor said:
    Does anyone have this monitor and run 120Hz? What cable do you have and are you running it only with 3D games and 2D/3D movies?

    You need a DVI-D cable. Check the net for pics of what the pins should look like. I had the same problem, the cable Alienware gave me was the wrong one. Normal DVI cables work, until you jack up the refresh rate.
  5. I found the problem. My DVI-D cable was single link and I need a dual link. Single link has 1/2 the pins and dual link has all the pins. Once I got the right cable 120Hz looks great. I also got 3 gtx470's in 3-way SLI and am running Medal of Honor full blown at 120Hz and it's AWESOME. I just got done watching Predators BLuRay and it was smokin'! I got my monitor off eBay and the seller sent me a VGA cable so I used my 3 year old dvi cable which was single link. $5 and Amazon got me hooked up right!
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