CL7 1600 VS CL9 2133

Ok, i have my eye on two G.skill ram kits that i just want to know which one will give overall better performance?

Ok, just to make a long story short, i have always liked the G.skill sniper kits, so i bought the 1333 kit. And i got very pissed that 2 weeks after i got then, i could have gotten the 1866 for the same price. I mainly got them for the look, and now i want something to give me optimal performance without breaking the bank.
Which one should i get?

btw, i have a sabertooth p67 , so it supports all those speeds...
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    Go with the ripjaws X series.

    Even though the timings on the other set is a little tighter, they are designed to run at the voltage of a 1st Gen i5/i7 and are not designed to run at the higher voltage of the p67 chips.

    Just FYI your MB will downclock any memory to 1600MHz by default, you can always over ride that by OCing
  2. Thanks, was leaning to the 2133, thx
  3. No problem :)

    Have fun!
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