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I have 32 GB flash disk.
Someday my cousin use it to copy files from her office (jpeg files).
She said her files is only 10's GB so i though my flash more than enough to handle it. But the next day she said that she couldn't copy her files from my flash to her laptop. And when i see why, the contains of my flash become very weird (like this: ╒m#Å├od.╔o) and etc.
Even if I hover cursor to the folder (not click it), it shows 150's GB files.
But when i right click on my computer, it shows the right files size.
I can not copy, cut or delete that folder.
How could it be?
Can I still get my cousin files without any corrupt?
Or at least more than 75% of files I could save.
Does anyone can help me?
Thank you..
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  1. Try to recover the files with http://www.piriform.com/recuva and run a files system check after that: right click on the flash disk in explorer / properties / tools. But backup all files from it before, because you might loose the filesystem, if it's destroyed.
  2. Go try another free drive recovery program from http://blog4mark.blogspot.com/2012/11/convert-raw-to-ntfs-without-data-loss.html
    As my WD1TB flash drive was logically corrupted, this freeware helped me recover all my photos, videos and files back.
    However, in your situation, your drive may have some problems. You could run Windows Error-checking tool to check it for you as noidea_77 writes. Or you also could use another diagnose tool: http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/seatools/
    Good luck!
  3. Thank you guys for the information.
    But now i have a new problem here.
    After i tried to recover with AVG PC Tune Up 2011 and then ran files system check from explorer as noidea_77 said, i can open my flash normally. But can not found her folder that contain photos, videos and others while in the mean time i checked flash size in explorer and it's exactly said that my flash only remain 8GB (Flash capacity 32GB, my files about 2GB, and her files about 19GB). It was as if told that the folder still exist, but i can't see anymore. I tied again to search with AVG PC TuneUP to explore my flash, and i found new folder named "found 000" that contains CHK files (*.CHK). The questions are:
    1. Is this folder named "found 000" that contains CHK files actually from my cousin files that contains photo, video and others? (the size is almost similar, 19GB).
    2. How can i recover CHK files into the origin files?

    Many thanks to who help..
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