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Gaming PC $2000 or less. Need some assistence

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October 19, 2010 12:54:03 AM

Hello, I am looking to build a gaming PC and need some help. I went to this website and built my own. Could anyone tell me if this is a decent enough computer for optimal gaming? I intend to put games, design/animation software, and video editing software on it.

If you don't think this is a good setup, could you build it for me? I am very new to this sort of thing and don't have too much knowledge on it. If that is too much however, then post some other sites for me to check out. Maybe some places to buy cheap parts and whatnot. Anything will be appreciated....

Here are my preferences.
-$2000 or less
-Intel processors. (I was thinking i7 950)
-NVIDIA graphics

Thanks again,

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October 19, 2010 2:46:14 AM

bavman said:
I wouldnt go with ibuypower and those sites. Theyre all overpriced and you can build it for some much less.
Heres a quick build from

haf 922
spintpoint f3
gtx 480 x2 !!
corsair 950w psu
6gb g.skill ram
hyper 212+ cpu cooler
mobo/cpu combo

total: 1793 shipped...add $100 for win7...$1893. Dont know if you need a monitor too, but you could probably grab a 21-23'' one and still be within your budget.

Question: Will this be everything I need to play games, and use my computer normally? I.E Internet, Documents, Install Programs?
P.S I totaled it to be $1379.92. Did i miss something?
October 19, 2010 2:52:52 AM

Did you make sure that you added another gtx 480? theyre $450 each so $900 for two. which should last you for a long time.

Everything up there is just for the box. You'll need monitor, mouse etc etc.

Make sure you buy windows 7 so you have an os to install:

Ethernet is integrated into mobo, if you need wireless its maybe $20 for a cheap wireless card.

Documents? like word, excel and stuff? you'll need to buy microsoft word if you dont already have it, or use a free alternative.

intalled programs? nothing :D  no bloatware, no annoying programs you have to spend hours uninstalling. just windows 7.
October 19, 2010 3:04:00 AM

I cant see your cart. Copy and paste links or just take a screen print pic and upload it here.
October 19, 2010 3:15:57 AM
October 19, 2010 3:40:13 AM

1) The ram you chose is slower because of looser timing.
2) the hdd is significantly slower than the spinpoint f3, and it cost more...
3) why do you need the rampage 2 mobo instead? its a waste of $110 for you.
4) the gpu you bought isnt for gaming and you wont get good performance at all with it.
5) this is a better 40gb ssd:
6) the case you choose seems very small and looks like it has poor circulation issues because it only has 2x120mm fans.
7) get a full hd monitor: 1920x1080, you'll be much happier you did:
8) keep the psu i recommended, its the same price but 150 more watts so in the future if you decide to sli your 480 you wont have to worry about your psu. And its a more reliable brand name.

If you want a sub $1500 build just use what i gave you but drop the 480's and add a 5850 instead:
switch to this psu:

That gives you $1357 shipped and mir.
+ your optional components: $79

That leaves you with a grand total of $1436 and a much better build.
October 19, 2010 5:36:31 AM

ok i did a new setup, this time with some help from a friend. tell me what you think

Vulcan Gaming case
Western Digital Black Caviar Hard Drive
ASUS 19'' LCD monitor (i dont need it to be big, i dont have a lot of space for it)
ASUS wireless adapter
1 NVIDIA GTX 480 Sli ready graphics card
Corsair AX750 power supply
logitech speakers
logitech keyboard
Scythe Kama media reader/writer
Corsair 6GB DDR3 1600
Intel i7 quad core processor
Windows 7 home premium
Corsair H50 cooling system

This sound better? anything im missing, or should change?
sorry if i seem kinda picky, this is just a big investment and ive never done anything like this before.
Thanks again for the help though