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I plan on building my own desktop computer soon for entertainment purposes (games, music, etc.). I know nothing at all about what to look for when purchasing speakers. I listen to music sometimes for ambiance, so I dont need anything that can reach ridiculous volume, though i would like it to be able to give off respectively loud sound occasionally. What are good brands or models, 2.1 setup, that are capable of producing full and rich tones at low volumes... and what technical qualities must i look for to determine IF the speakers can do that?
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  1. I LOVE my Z-2300s. The 8" sub really hits hard and the highs are crisp and clear. They are THX certified.
  2. I will advice you the altec lansing MX6021 E the expressionist ultra speakers system.
  3. Altec-Lansing makes nice budget 2.1 sets. Two side speakers and a sub for around $30.
  4. Klipsch pro media are great.
  5. Depends on what you want to spend also.
    These are quite good from what i've read,
    i myself use the logitech z523 which are fine for me (most of the times),but that's a different price league.
  6. Thread is from 2011 guys......
  7. :lol: Sorry.completely missed that one.You could close it as a moderator.
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