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I bought this mb because it had a Parallel IDE connector. I had hoped to be able to boot from my old IDE drive. However, there is little information about the IDE channels in the user guide and no reference to them in the bios set up.

The system will not boot. I get a message that a boot device cannot be found.

Is it possible to boot from an IDE drive? If so. how do I do it? Any help/advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Yes you can boot from an IDE device, you have to set it as the first boot device, and you have to make sure the jumper on the IDE drive is set to Master.

    Apart from that if there is already an OS installed on the IDE drive you will have to reinstall it. You can not take a drive from another system, with different hardware and expect it to boot on another computer with totally different hardware and drivers.
  2. Thanks. I had the the jumper set to cable select, so I'll try your suggestion.

    Yes, 32 bit Xp is installed on the device, but I've installed a new cpu and motherboard before and had no problems with booting up, so I assumed it would work this time. Actually, it hasn't got as far as loading the operating system yet, so I'll see what happens if it manages to find the IDE device.
  3. I'm a happy bunny, although somewhat embarrassed. The system can now find my IDE hard drive. A power connector wasn't making good, so the device was not getting any power. Problem solved.

    All I have to do now is reinstall XP, and I should be motoring.
  4. good news!
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