Can a faulty PCI-E Slot cause my computer to freeze at random times?

I've been experiencing a problem recently where my computer will randomly freeze, whether I am playing a game or simply browsing the web. The screen just locks up and won't respond to any inputs. When I restart the computer, sometimes I cannot login properly because it freezes and hangs on the welcome screen.

I don't think it's an issue with overheating, since my card idles at around 35C and never goes over 60C under load.

I used to think it was a problem with my video card until I put it in the other PCI-E slot. This usually solves the login problem but I can't keep it in this slot as the card's fan faces my PSU's fan directly and it starts getting too hot.

I just wanted to know whether the problem can be attributed towards a bad PCI-E slot and whether there is anything I can do to confirm or repair it.

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 925
Power Supply: Corsair Builder Series CX430
Graphics Card: Gigabyte GTS N450
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3
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  1. I think the problem may be your HDD. If you have a situation where the mouse still works but nothing else responds then that can often mean a failing HDD. The only way to find out is to start swapping out parts. Make sure your PSU is putting out the correct voltage as problems there often lead to chaos.
  2. There are some viruses which use a directx injection technique (game cheats) that can cause this very issue. Simply put, A normal virus scan usually cannot detect these. To be sure, start from scratch like a new install. Remove video drivers, power off, remove video card, remove main power connector, let caps drain. Then reinstall the video card and drivers. Also reinstall directX and use a registry cleaner.
    If there are still issues, then go with a new power supply rated higher than what you're using now.
  3. There are several things or components that can cause this type of issue.

    Sure Safe Mode can help, though I prefer MSCONFIG -> select Diagnostic Mode.

    Another couple common issues are AHCI in the BIOS and Start = 3 = IDE (BIOS = AHCI then Start = 0) in Windows; otherwise the wrong drivers are being loaded by Windows. See and run Fix It <or> manually change the registry -> verify ->

    Further, IF you have ANY MOBO Utilities e.g. ASUS AI Suite or Gigabyte's Easy Tune <or> the use of CPU Unlocking BIOS/Switching/etc. There's nothing to unlock...

    Also, 430W on an Phenom II X4 + GTS 450 allows no room for an OC, and if either the CPU or GPU are OC then it will cause random Shutdowns.
  4. Quote:
    Also, 430W on an Phenom II X4 + GTS 450 allows no room for an OC, and if either the CPU or GPU are OC then it will cause random Shutdowns.

    Yes, this is absolutely correct. That is quite low and should be replaced with at least a 600W PSU.
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