What SSD to Buy???!! Please help

The current HDD 1.5 TB 5400 I want to use for back up and storage space but the new SSD that i want to buy i want to use for the OS, most used apps and games. I'm a heavy gamer. I know there is a lot of different kinds of SSD's out there and since there kinda new in the market i'm kind of confused as to what i want to buy. I want a quick one and reliable one, prefferebly around 180-260Gig. I don't want to spend over 200 bucks if i dont have to. I understand the c300's are probably one of the best out there right now? what would get me close to that?
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  1. < $179.99 250 gig Samsung 840 non pro but still an awesome drive.
  2. You could have gotten a Samsung 840 Pro 256Gb yesterday for $199.
  3. Unless you need yesterday, I'd wait and monitor Newegg (subscribe to email alerts) for the Samsung 830, or the Crucial M4 to go on sale for that price.
    Both are good preformers and have an excellet Reliability/low user problem track record.

    .. Two 128 gig M4'2 plus one 256 Gig M4 (paid $180 @ newegg on sale)
    .. Two 128 gig Samsung 830s plus one 256 Gig 830 (also paid $180 @ newegg on sale)
    .. Two 120 gig Agility IIIs - OK a guy is allowed one mistake!!!

    .. Bought the 256 gig Samsung 840 Pro, but have not installed yet.

    I do Not recommend the Crucial M5.
    .. NO to any Asynchronous based SSD unless At a great sales price, or that is all you can afford - they are still much faster than a HDD - just do not perform any better on Sata III than if you place them on Sata II
    .. Not a lover of Sandforce SF22xx based SSDs, much prefer Marvel based and Samsung based.
    .. OCZ - I just do NOT buy. THIS is a Personal decission as I DID not like their attitude toward customers when they were selling Sata III SF based SSDs that were causing all kind of problems.

    As to the "standard" Samsung 840, Mixed feelings, Reason I'd recommend the 830 which on sale can be the same price. Also feel the 840 is over priced. Hopefully the 840 pro will come down in price. Sale price for the 840 pro should come down to say $20 more than sale price for 830 or M4.

    The_Assassin (you posted while I was writing)- And that is the Price point I just stated would make the 840 pro an ideal choice.
  4. I thank you so much for the imput. I do have to ask, a little education 101 on SSD's, what to look for on the SSD's how to determine if is good or not by speed and specs, such as sata II or III. I mean there is so much out there right now. Even if one is faster then the other it it a big difference? Or is it someting not to worry about?
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    For the "better performance" SSDs, in real life day-to-day usabe there is nor that much difference.

    ie so one will allow you to boot 2 seconds faster - NOT a BIGGY. One may shave 5 miliseconds off of program load - WOW, not.

    I go by reliability and least user problems.
    You can get an idea on user problems by looking at the reviews at newegg - BUT take with a grain of salt.
    .. Have a feeling that a "good" percentage of problems/DOAs are user inflicted.
    .. More accurate indicator when responders Nrumbers are High, under 30 general not that good of an indicator.
    .. manuf sometimes make a minor atercation to a product, give at a new product part # which restarts the number of users responding.

    You do want to get a sata III ssd over a sata II ssd - While there is some speed boost (primarily in Sequencial performance which is capped out in sata II) the biggest advanage is the improvements in wear leveling algorthium and internal Gargbage collection (CG)
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  7. Very Informative, Thank You. I also found out that SSD's have a maxiumum amount of Re writes, kinda like burning a CD and then u can't do anything with it anymore but to get to that point i guess it will probably be time to get a new pc.
  8. yea, like about 10K writes per cell which should be way past point of getting a new one.
    one may mean totally diff tech.

    I called them yesturday because newgg was listing 319 and samsungs price was 249. They finally dropped it.
  10. Review of 840:

    Link goes to "final words" to look at benchmarks jest select that page.

    Concur with review in that it is a good entry level SSD. If the 830 is available at the same cost as the 830,I'd go with the 830.

    Just installed my 256 gig Samsung 840 Pro - It's great, Better than the 830 it replaced.
  11. Sorry confused me with the last post Chief. I think you meant to say "if you can find a better deal for 830 than 840 to purchase the 830? Cus i found an 840 for 179.00 on New egg 250 Gig. I gues i always thoug hthe bigger the model number the better it is. You're saying that the 830 is better then 840? I've read the reviews, the reviews say good things about the 840....Gotta make up my decision soon lol this sale ends till 31'st with the promo code..
  12. Great deal ^ nice find
  13. 840 at $150 is acceptable. 830 normally around $170->$180.

    Finally got around to installing win 8 on my new 840 Pro. Benchmarks are great (AS SSD - overall score in 1100's - before updating frimeware and updating intel driver). That said, in overall user performance, very little diff between previous 830 and Crucial M4 which scores in the upper 600 -> mid 700's). One of the reasons I emphase that in many cases the user will not see a big diff in real life, bench marks yes.
  14. Yea it's pretty good deal... :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
  15. Yea Cheif i'm just oging to stop beating around the bush and buy the 840 Pro for $209.99.. It looks pretty sick, How much did u pay for ur 840 Pro
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