My very first rig YAY FOR ME!!!!

For months now I have spent my nights coming home from work reading reviews and looking at all the wonderful hardware that is out there.
My gaming needs consist of having something decent for now (like sli gtx 460's), but also to have the equipment already ready for upgrades in the near future.
Pretty much I want to invest in a motherboard and Cpu/powersupply that will not have to change for quite sometime.
At the moment im just playing some TF2 and starcraft which doesn't take much to play at full settings, but later I want to get into the more high end games coming out later.
I am interested in 3d gaming and at the moment I will need a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for the build.
To be honest though I like taking the time into finding those three components on my own since I like to find deals on slickdeals.

Thank You for the input everyone :d/

(also I have had my eyes on the Haf 932 case or the Haf x case)

This video pretty much sums it all up. I have seen a few like this setup quite a bit. (upgrade to corsair h70 and dont want the hdd in raid on TB will do)

Monitor wise I will be using my tv for now until I find a good 3d deal with monitor that I like (I love samsung tv/s monitor)

This is my tv right now

Keyboard/mouse is something that isnt a big deal right now especially since black friday is coming up =)
So pretty much just a tower for now.

Games to play
Black ops
Crysis 1 and 2
League of Legends
Might come back to WoW (cataclysm looks pretty damn good wotlk=crap)
guild wars 2 and whatever the else the next year brings on =) mainly shooters

im looking for my build to be a bit under $2,000
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  1. Although I have done much research on the process of making a rig and read review this is still my first build so I do need help knowing the longevity of the rig and exactly how it will work/run. Thanks in advanced
  2. I do apologize if this is a violation of the forums, but I could not find an easier way of showing you guys what I found than this way. Everything is priced and so far looks compatible as far as i can tell. Once again sorry if it violates the terms
  3. Good build - pick memory to complete the build, then we'll comment :)

    [ You said you wanted to do it on your own, and you've done . . . so far :) ]
  4. I haven't watched the vid, but seeing your budget below $2000 wow you must be rich :p.

    Anyway with such great budget you can get i7 980X CPU with 12 GB of RAM, also with very good VGA card and high-tech power supply.

    All-in-all you can build ultimate rig with such big budget. :)
  5. Quality manufacturer, faster, cheaper:

    You also might enjoy looking at the Silverstone Raven 1 or 2. Google some reviews, and find the one where the guy says his SLI box got incredibly quiet when he switched cases to the Raven. Such good air flow, the cpu/gpu fans don't spin up :)

    Good luck with the build :)
  6. Thanks for the help boxer much appreciated =)
  7. You did such a great job, I thought I'd pass on what may be unnecessary advice about your first build:

    1) Go slow, and enjoy the build process. You may be surprised that the building is more satisfying than the running lol.

    2) Don't try to do two things at once.

    3) If assembly hits a snag (though it shouldn't with either of the cases we talked about), don't be afraid to disassemble and reassemble in a different order. Every build can have a different ideal sequence, and nothing is worse than ruining a part trying to bull through a tough step.
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