Display Problem in games and videos.Pls help!!!!!


Hello all ,
It's been a month since this problem started and it started when i was playing MW 2 and since than it didnt go away....i tried reinstalling the game....reinstalling the windows...i even formated my entire HDD and this anoyng problem is still there.....so i taught it might be related to the vid card....and i sent the vid card to service but they sent it back afther a week and sayed that they tested it for 2 days and the vid card is ok!....Superstrange thing is that the guy who sold me the PC gave me a "backup" vid card while mine was at the service and that one worked normal in all games ( a GT 220 ) , but afther 1 day i fried the card....idk how but it happened.Now i have no ideea wtf else can cause this problem....cpu?....mobo?....wtf?!?!.....So i sayed maybe someone around here might be able to help me......any taughts / ideeas / help would be apreciated....please help me!

-idk wich component is causing this...but since it's a diplay problem i posted it on the "Graphic & Displays" section.
-sorry for my english ;
-1'st time i post here so excuse me if i broke any rules
-Everest temps/voltages http://a.imageshack.us/img841/1932/69495456.png
-this problem doesnt appear all the time..ex: in low-end games or in SD videos
-do not hesitate to ask me for more info if i missed sayed something
PC specs
-HIS ATI HD 4850 IceQ4 (stock)
-E8400 3.0 ghz (stock)
-2x2 GB Kingmax
-ASUS P5QL-SE mobo
-win 7 32 bit
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  1. It definitely looks like a graphics card problem.
    If you fried the second card, were the temps getting too high? How is the airflow in your case?
    Have you received the 1st card back yet and tried it?
  2. well the max temp in the GT 220 was like 70 celsius....the airflow..well.....the case is open....idk how could it have more airflow than this lol......and yes i recieved my ATI back...i did that gameplay video with it....but for some reason ( as you see ) it still doesn't work like it used to....and at the servis the sayed they tested it 2 days in 3DMark :(
  3. Sometimes having the panal off can decrease airflow... I have a video that can prove it..


    Go to about the 9:40 mark.
  4. Ok i get your point but the thing is the temperatures are in the normal values ( at my ATI )...so the temperature isn't the problem!!
    C'mon guys....can someone please heeelp =(....i didnt play something good in 1 month !
  5. Isn't 70 kind of hot?
    Have you manually set the fan speed higher in CCC to keep the temps down?
  6. Yes...70 is with fan on auto.....with it on manual it never gets to 70.....
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