Thermaltake litepower 500w or 600w

HI guys... can my PSU TT litepower 500w or 600w can handle my system

INTEL i3 3.01 ghz
MSI h55 e32
4gb ram
9500gt (soon to upgrade HD 5600 series or 5700 series)
160gb hdd
dvd rw optical drive

thank you
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  1. Easily
  2. @omnisome....

    what do you mean?
  3. any good or bad review about my psu?
  4. Found a review of the 450 watt PSU in the same line:

    So I would guess that the 500 and 600 watt PSU's would have similar performance.

    Basically it's an OK, entry level PSU priced a little too high. However, I wouldn't give up one of my Corsair 400CX's for one.
  5. any other comment?
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