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is it posiible to connect a monitor 75 metres away from a CPU. how? pls help me out.
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  1. My first thought is why do you need a monitor that far away from the computer? Second, yes it is possible but you are going to need to convert the video signal to a CAT5 cable. Simply running a DVI or HDMI cable over that distance will not work. You will need an adapter to convert the signal from DVI or HDMI to CAT5 cable and then convert it back at the monitor. Using CAT5 cable greatly increases the distance you can send video. It will not be cheap though. Expect to pay $150+ for the converter box at each location.

    Here is a kit for extending up to 100m and includes both the transmitter and receiver for $270. then all you need is a roll of CAT5 cable.
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