GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R wouldn't power at all.

This is my first build. After connected all the parts and pressed the power button, nothing happen, none of the fan and light is on. no beep.

here is my build:
CPU: i7-930
PSU: Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W
RAM: CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3
Case: Antec Nine Hundred

Now I only connected the 24-pin power and 8 pin CPU power connectors, one RAM on white slot, Video Card, CPU and cooler and all the front panel headers.

Before i post here, i already did the following tests:
1.I triple checked all the connections and plugs, and they are correct and firm( read the manual for at least 2 times)
2. I tested the power supply with a paper clip, it worked.
3. I tested with another video card.
4.I used the original CPU cooler, so no Thermal Compound is pasted( it came withe the cooler).
5. I switch sides for the front panel header cables since they didn't say about which is positive and negative. I believed that I tried out all the possible ways( only 3 headers).
6. Tried RAM for 3X1, 2X1, 1X1, both white and blue slots.

Beside RMA the board, is there any suggestion? Thanks for any of your help!
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    Run this checklist, don't skip any steps. If you still are having trouble let us know.
  2. cmcghee358 said:
    Run this checklist, don't skip any steps. If you still are having trouble let us know.

    Thanks, a very useful post. I went through all the steps.
    I am not sure if it's the standoffs problem or not. My motherboard manual doesn't have a specific instruction for standoffs. I used standoffs(some are plastic) to just make my motherboard sits tight in my case.

    I am going to remove my mb from the case and re-install all the parts again and see what's the result. Thanks!
  3. I took the motherboard out from my case and reinstalled those parts again. my motherboard is powered up! wow....
    However, there is nothing is my screen. I read through the post and I cannot figure out any solution. I tried 2 video cards(on one a time). all connections are good and video card is powered. All fans are running. I also tried both DVI and VGA connections, but no luck.
    Any Suggestion?
  4. Try reaseating your video card. Hopefully you didnt short something out by not placeing the mother board on its rizers etc good luck.
  5. I tried put the video card in different slots, still no luck.
    I tested the RAM, video card, power supply; they are all good.
    I spend 3 days on troubleshooting this machine. It is driving me nuts.
    The only thing i can think of it's a defective motherboard. sign........guess to return it?
    any other better ideas? thanks!
  6. Do you have another computer available to slave in parts to try and isolate the faulty component?
  7. For go through the POST, it only needs a CPU/CPU cooler, RAM, Video Card, PSU, and good connections, right?
    I do have another computer, but some parts don't fit;
    For the parts above, I tested everything except the CPU( my old pc doesn't fit i7 processor).
    I haven't find any faulty components so far.
    Anyway, I already requested for a motherboard replacement, it will arrive tomorrow.
    I will see how it go with the new board. thanks for everyone's help!
  8. Ok good luck!
  9. Check back with us too!
  10. Thanks a lot for All. My system works fine with the new board!

    I am happy with all the performance except the hard drive; I thought SATA3 6.0gb/s should be fast. Maybe I need to get a SSD to get 7+ point.
  11. You will. Any 7200 RPM drive will score around a 5.9 on WEI. My Intel 40 GB SSD fluxctuates between 6.3 and 6.9 on WEI.

    Remember that the interface is SATA III but the actual drive is still operating well under that. SATA III elimates a future data bottleneck, but your hard drive is still far below that cap.

    I'm glad to see it all worked out for you. If this issue has been resolved please mark this thread as solved. :)
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