Silverstone Raven 02 question

Hi, guys~
i am interested in getting silverstone raven 02.
But when I went to i see two different version; RV02BW and B-EW.
B-EW is more expensive.
I know that BW stands for black+ window, but what does E stands for?
and why is it more expensive?
what's the difference? did they improve something?
and do you guys think it worth $20 difference?
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  1. That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? Thanks for the article abully.
  2. Yeah the EW has a few minor enhancements, don't think its much more price wise, I'd get the EW.
  3. Yeah EW just has the interior layout of the FT02. Drive cages are different (much better) but you lose the 8th expenasion slot.
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