3 470s or 2 480s

what do you guys think

(3) 350 dollar zotac amp 470s---1050 total 656mhz
(2) 519 dollar zotac amp 480s---1030 total 756 mhz

.....will over clock regardless or setup.
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  1. You must have some crazy setup and monitor to even consider either option. If I had to pick, regardless of price, I'd go with SLI GTX 480s simply because it requires fewer cards.
  2. I'm not sure which would be ideally better, but since a 3rd card doesn't scale as well as a 2nd, and because more games know how to optimize 2-way than 3-way, I would go with the 480's...Depending on how the MOBO lanes are set up, you can get them seperated a bit too.

    If your lanes are 16x/16x or 8x/8x/8x, then but them in the 16x lanes, but if it is like 16x/8x then you might as well spread them out.
  3. I got bad news for you, the Zotac AMP! cards have a 3 slot cooler. You likely can't do either 3-way or 2-way SLI with that card, unless you have one of the top end 6 slot motherboards.

    FYI, I saw a Galaxy GTX470 today at Fry's for $250. I thought it was a typo, but I guess not.
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