Need help opening an old IBM server

Hey guys,

I picked up an "old" IBM server unit (one of 3 he was throwing out) but I cannot figure out how to open it. I have taken out all the screws and got one side off, but not the side that allows me to access the components. I would like some help :\

I would first like some general hints on hidden bolts and screws relating to IBM server cases and then my next post will have links to pictures of the server unit so that you can help me identify it.

[Edit] I am fairly sure the unit is an IBM Netfinity 5000 (Machine Type: 8659, Model: 22y)
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  1. some pictures would help.

    use imageshack or photobucket and attach some images or your server. we can probly work from that
  2. Oh, hang on, nevermind.

    I figured it out - there was a hidden, spring-loaded switch on the front which allowed me to remove the side.

    Cheers :)
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