Gigabyte ga-ma78gm-us2h

can i put 2 graphics cards at once??
i have nvidia 9400gt from sparkle right now..i wanna try n add one more if possible.
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  1. Hello,

    Does not support it. Only supports Hybrid Crossfire and not SLI.
  2. Since your board only has 1 PCI-E 16x slot you cant add another card since a 16x card in the 1x slot would run into the heatsink.
  3. can u pls explain wat is sli and crossfire?
  4. and please send the confirmation link again..gave me an error..
  5. SLI and crossfire are using two cards together to drive a single monitor to improve graphics performance. ATI calls it crossfire, nVidia calls it SLI, they both serve the same purpose, to use two cards to improve performance in games.

    Edit: See here on how to get another confirmation email sent
  6. right now,with reference to the pic i saw above from ur link,my card is fit in the blue slot..the fan sits on the whit pci slot right adjacent to the blue the other pci slot to the far end is totally free..stil no way of sli??
  7. [...] board.html

    this pic..
  8. oh some1 pls reply..don't leave now..!!!
  9. Give us at least an hour to reply before panicking.

    Modern cards use PCI-E slots, not PCI slots, you wont find any card that fits in a PCI slot that is anywhere near as good as your 9400GT and the 9400GT is pretty weak.

    If you need more graphics power upgrade your graphics card to something like an HD 5670, it will be quite a bit more powerful and wont use much more power than the 9400GT does.
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