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I am having an intel mother board DH55TC......It has 4 RAM slots out of which 2 slots are having 2gb(DDR3 RAM) each.....Total (2+2=4 gb DDR3) ram i am having right now......Now I am available with 2 more slots......Is it possible if i insert one more ram of 4gb DDR3 in one slot??????Because i heard from somewhere that the ram must be inserted should be of same "GB" otherwise it hang ups.....please help me out.....
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  1. werner123 said:
    Hi, not recommended to mix memory but it should work, just make sure you will be able to return the memory where you buy it from if it does not work properly. The motherboard will automatically set the correct memory timings for you in the bios.

    Why don't you just get 2x4 gig matched modules memory kit, ddr3 memory is so cheap now? or try getting 2x2 gig of those you already have

    hmm i think i should go for 2X4......and i don't think any one will return it if the seal of RAM is once broken......
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