Slimline to normal desktop sata adapter/cable?

Short Version: I need to connect a 2.5" SSD remotely to a laptop motherboard. It will be sitting about 10 inches away. Normal sata cables fit the drive, but won't fit the motherboard, because the motherboard uses 'slimline sata'. What adapter do I need in order to connect it? I don't care if it is an adapter + cables or just some sort of magical cable that does it all.

Long Version: I acquired a gaming laptop that was dropped and damaged heavily. Trying to make a custom desktop build to salvage what is left of it. I made standoffs and a custom i/o faceplate with custom port replicators, and mounted the power adapter inside the case. Power button has been soldered into original button from the laptop. All I need to do is mount the hard drives, and I would like to mount them in the 2.5" bays inside the desktop case, so they wont be hanging from the laptop motherboard, which is mounted sideways in the case. Obviously, normal desktop sata cables won't connect the drive to the motherboard, because the motherboard uses the slim version of sata.

Will this work? :

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  1. The one like this Slimline 13 Pin SATA Male to 22 Pin SATA Female Cable, but it is only 6.5 inch, if you the 22-pin SSD.
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