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Enough power for Tri-SLI??

Is a Silverstone DA-1000w enough power to run 3-way 470's,but not just any 470's>>>>>these bad boys>>>>> I am not going all out with alot of hardware here besides the three cards. RAM-6 gb about $125. 1 IDE optical drive,1,1tb caviar black hard drive,i-7 950 since the price drop,awesomeness,sound card,not much else I do have a question about RAM.What is the best bang for the buck(mobo is a Asus P6T6 ws Revolution) for 1366??
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  1.<<<>>>>> oops sorry i put wrong link this is the right one.The 470 superclocked windforce.
  2. It is a big maybe at best. If the rest of the system is efficient then you might be able to have the system stable with tri sli but the psu may struggle. At stock clocks with load of each gpu less than 225w max each then you can easily do the math. As we both know that they use less than their VRM specs so lets say they each use 189w then again do the math. Now factor in 130w for the cpu at stock clocks knowing how the 1366 platform is power hungry. Drives barely draw any power at all except on spin up. The board however can sway things and they usually don't say how much they consume and it has been that way since the days of the Intel 4004. Silverstone is a good brand but you may get away with this setup so long not every thing is reaching max load all at once. Make sure the psu doesn't develop hot spots and the mosfets don't overheat.
  3. You will be fine 1000w is more then enough for your setup. Your system will consume about 800w so you have a little headroom left.

    I'm pretty sure you will be fine, especially since its a SilverStone PSU.
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    Your PSU is rated for an 80 amp 12 volt rail.

    Tri-SLI GTX 470's need about 42 amps (around 500 watts). Figure 12 amps for the CPU.

    That's about 650 watts. RAM - less that 10 watts per GB from the 3.3 volt rail - 60 watts at most. Two drives - 40 watts at most. Motherboard - say 60 watts. Sound card - don't know, but it can't be more that 20 watts. Fans - figure 4 watts apiece, insignificant.

    That's less than 800 watts. You will have plenty of power available.
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