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(Sound) Rotating front for surround sound

So as many others do I have my PC connected to my TV. The Tv is on 1 wall and my PC is against the adjacent one. I have 5.1 speakers, and the front speaker is above my tv. My question is this, has anyone ever found an easy way to have thier computer almost rotate what would be the front speakers so that when watching a movie my front would be the front R/L, and when gaming it recognized the front R and rear R as front r/l?
I realize this is an odd question but I doubt I'm the only one who wants to do it.
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    My old Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer did exactly that coincidentally.
    Not on purpouse, mind you; their drivers are seriously broken :??:

    As for purposefully doing what you ask, not a clue, sorry.
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