What are the best settings for Nvidia control panel ?

I've GTX 470 with the latest drivers from nvidia site .
While viewing Nvidia control panel I noticed some properties are turned off

Pics are speaking

Is this normal ?
Can I get better graphics adjusting these setting all to max or
is it enough to adjust the game only to get the best visuals without changing the driver ?

I want to get the best I could from my card specially that Mafia 2 benchmark gives me only 27.5 frames
which make me mad that I have a high end card playing with 27 frames !!

Anyways , I don't want to get out of the thread , How can I get the best of my card ?
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  1. Driver defaults are almost always best for compatibility and performance - setting everything to minimums will bring you a maybe 10% fps increase.

    What else is in ur system?

    Seems about right: SLI 480 sc 980x 12gb 9800gt physx = 50 min ~55 average
    in game its always 60 (i cap w/ vsync to my monitors 60hz)
    but i max out almost everything for quality in nvcpl (except AAx8)

    Also physx makes an assload of difference on high (at all really).

    BTW: (best quality)

    amb occlu = quality
    aniso filter = 16
    anti alias gamma correct = on
    AA mode = 8
    aa transperancy = multisample (the others - super- are better quality but not worth the performance drop)
    multi = single performance - even if you have 2 or 3 but are only using 1 then use single
    power = adaptive (i think it does a good job of jumping to high power mode when running games)
    sli mode - nvidia recommended
    texture filtering = off (opengl - doesnt really matter)
    negetive lod bias = clamp
    filtering quality = quality
    thread opt = auto
    triple buff = on
    vert sync = on
  2. It's fine to change a few global settings, but most of the people who edit settings in the nvidia control panel use the "program settings" because you don't want to set your global settings sky-high for some of your older games only to realise it's also set for Crysis and BC2 and you can't play for *** because your computer can't take it.

    Silversifternhs has given good information, read what he's got down for "best quality".. I can't see any major issue which his settings.
  3. I keep mine at default, I have power set to performance as opposed to adaptive becuase it doesn't ramp my second card up to high clocks all the time, if I don't.
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