Motherboard not fitting the case?

I own a Thermaltake Aguila case.I used to have a Pentium Dual Core system in it.I have upgraded it to a Core i7 system with Asus P7P55DE-Deluxe motherboard.However,after installing the new mobo,I saw that the graphics card's (GTX470) metal part hits the case frame before the card is completely fit in the PCI slot,preventing it from proper installation.So I tried it with my old card to see the same thing occurs.The standoffs are properly installed.Now I can only think of two possibilities:

1-The case is somewhat old and does not fit the new standarts.(The I/O shiled gave me hard time as well)
2-There is something wrong with the motherboard.(The driver CD also didn't function properly on XP)
Or could there be something else?

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  1. Do you mean where the cards plate slots down inbetween the board and the case?

    I also have the same problem with my GTX460's, just takes a bit of carefull manovering to get it in.

    You sure the back of the card isn't touching any of the boards other components/heatsinks/fans?
  2. No,I don't use aftermarket CPU coolers.I use the stock cooler for I don't overclock.The case doesn't have many fans either.It's exactly the place you described.Manuevering huh? XD
    I was already considering changing my case though,I wonder if all would require manuevering?
  3. It may be different but with mine I slide it until it touches the board and then just angle it a bit and it seems to work ok.

    Get a torch n there to see if you can see exactly where its catching, you may find its more and is actually a case issue.
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