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New build

Last response: in Systems
October 19, 2010 1:39:20 PM

Was asked to build for a friend who knows nothing about pcs's

Multitasking/General purpose pc with some very lite gaming.

Purchase date: ASAP

Budget range: 750$ Canadian

System usage:
Multitasking/watching movies and occasionally some Rts gaming

Parts not needed:Keyboard Mouse and OS

Website for parts: or canada computers or any other reliable canadian website.

Parts preferred:
DVD burner:any burner will do
CPU: AMD for value
Motherboard: AM3 socket only I personally prefer asus but im open to suggestions , I would prefer an Atx board but it doesn't have to be.
Video card: Doesn't really matter once it is able to play his RTS games. Warcraft 3 Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 when it is released. Was looking at the 5670.
HD: 500-750 Gigs the machine will only have 1 HD to start of with so it has to be fast. 7200 rpm 32-64mb of cache and 5 year warranty preferred.
Quality Power supply that will last through an upgrade or two on the computer. I guess anything around 400-500 watts from a reputably company (corsair , Seasonic )
Case: was looking at the Antec 300
Power supply:This is the real problem , with this tight budget its hard to get a decent 80+ certified PSU

Not overclocking:
No SLI or Crossfire

This is what i came up with.

DVD burner 19.99

HD 64:99

Mobo 104.99

Video Card 79.99

PSU 69.99

Ram 72.99

Cpu 99.99
I know he doesnt need a quad core but i figured since he wont be upgrading this anytime soon mite as well get the best cpu price performance wise know that in the future more apps will take advantage of quads.

This leaves me at $568.96 with no screen and case any suggestions ?

I was debating if i should just drop the video card and go with the intergrated video on the mobo , what do you guys think ?

Thanks in advance.

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October 19, 2010 6:53:12 PM

I think the 450 GTS is to much video card for this build and im not crazy about the emachines screen because of quality issues but i did take a look at your site and was able to shave 30$ off of total system cost and have a much better video card , all i need now is a screen and a case. Tell me what you guys think.

$537.88 including taxs and shipping .