Will this fit?

Hello, I am building a computer for my boss.

So far:

MOBO: Asus Px58d-e

CPU: i7 950

GPU: ATI firePro 4800

PSU: Corsair 650

Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 12GB

Case: Coolermaster elite 430 or Coolermaster 690(openbox)


My question is will both cases fit the Dark Knight fine and will there be clearance issues with the ram? we were just gonna run the stock cooler at first, but now he might want it OC a little.

Thank for the help.
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  1. also looking at the cm hyper 212. We are leaning towards the CM elite 430 as a case because its new in box.
  2. Any 120mm rifle style fan/heatsink will be a tight fit for both cases, but I'm pretty sure it will fit both cases. I like how the hdd cage is at 90 degree vs 180 on the CM 690, otherwise both cases are really good cases.

    I hate those plastic PCI card holders on most CM cases. They don't hold anything. I don't think the Elite 430 has them. the air flow is a better on the 430.

    For a couple more bucks, get the CM HAF 922.

    If it's gonna sit in his office at work, a gaming case is gonna look weird. A nice Lian Li case would look good at work. That's what we use for our custom builds.
  3. Thanks, Those were both his picks, and as far as being in office... We are a small 3 person Structural Engineering firm and we usually go out to offices rather then them come here. So looks weren't the biggest.

    As far as upgrading to the HAF 922. That would have been more my choice or something similar to that, but he wanted to try and save money. Although he surprised me and bought a 40gig SSD, but didn't want to upgrade to a little nicer case. oh well his call.

    Just got a call from him about 10 minutes ago, he went to microcenter and ended up getting the 430 and the CM 212. Not my first choices in gear but he is trying to save some money.

    Thanks for the help.

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