My hhd mbr damaged and i cant fix it

Hi guys

something happen to my wd my book 2 tb , firist thing happen i couldnt acces my hardisk and telling me that it need to be formatted , and next thing it disappeared from my computer list , i can only knew he is there by some programs such partion doctor and test disk etc

i tried to wirte a new mbr by test disk and by partion doctor and it didnt sucess to write a new mbr

its like my hhd has been cursed and there are nothing can fix it

i dont even know why i asked for help , am losing hope but its worth a shot ,

i dont rly want to lose all that 2 tb data anyone pls help :(
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  1. go to the site and get their software to run tests on the drive (its a external drive so no need for a windows MBR on it)
  2. anonymous1 said:
    go to the site and get their software to run tests on the drive (its a external drive so no need for a windows MBR on it)

    if you mean WD SmartWare i already did , and its says ( no writable WD SmartWare partition found ) :??:
  3. i tried to fix my hard drive with HDD Regenerator , firist its tell me ( Master boot record of this drive is damged ) when repair starting its says (disk problem - seek failure)

    it also said ( connect USB as Internal ) how i can do that ??
  4. Update firmware . insert that in usb 2.0 . backup all data (linux cd or hirean boot cd)before update .
  5. sorry but how i can update firmware ?

    and backup all data you mean all data on my pc , or only the data on the damaged hdd ?

    hirean boot cd and linux cd can reach my damaged drive and backup all the data in it ??
  6. i did updated the firmware of my damged drive , but nothing happen :(
  7. To recover the lost 2TB data, you’d better firstly try a hard drive recovery freeware and then format it to have a try. This freeware has helped my friend retrieve all his inaccessible data from a “not formatted” flash drive. I believe it will help you, too.

    If you are interested in it, you can visit here: -

    The “not formatted” problem often happens because of improper use, virus attack, or even weak power support, etc. Don’t worry!

    Note: You should never store new data on this drive to rewrite the original data.
    You should never store you important files on only one hard drive.
  8. thanks but this freeware ask for $$ to recover more than 2 gb :??:

    i got lot of bad sectors on my damged drive
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