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NVidia's Drivers are Late? Next 256 (258.96 - ?)

I'm wondering if anyone knows why, they might be late (if they are - it seems as though they are late according to their release schedule) and if there are any betas floating around (i can't find any).

I'm hoping they make better use of SLI in GTA IV

Shadow Flickering in Dirt 2 to be fixed

Just Cause 2 Bokeh filter to work w/o crashing

Those are my only issues...
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  1. What is this release schedule that you speak of?
  2. If you poke around the 'developer zone' you can find a more current 'beta' release.
    These are for new untested features sometimes.
    windows 7 x65 vista x64 d/l link 259.31 digital signature Aug 6
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    259.32 are the latest ones that I know of.
  4. Mousemonkey said:
    259.32 are the latest ones that I know of.

    I see, says the blind man, gracias. IMO, Nvidia is sort of hiding the beta's in its driver web applet. Using that , I can't get it to show any beta's. I did a search for the specific driver revision, good old guru3d always mirrors the latest. I forgot some of these things, using ATI for a while. :)
    Dell Releases NVIDIA GeForce Forceware 259.32 Drivers for Windows 7/Vista
  5. Thank you mousemonkey for the release number, i was speaking of their sort of "unspoken" (at least i don't know if they announced anything different than their old monthly schedule) schedule - i check every month or so (give or take) and there's usually a new release. I'm hoping the non betas will fix the Mafia II problems i'd had while playing it.

    Thank you for the link notty - it seems this is "suited" for Mafia II. That sounds great - and hopefully itll fix the few problems im having.
  6. The monthly thing is an ATi thing, Nvidia have never had any sort of schedule as far as I can recall.
  7. Just read there is a new WHQL candidate :
    NVIDIA Geforce/Quadro/ION 259.47 WHQL Driver to be Released
  8. Is it just my arithmetic or is there a few numbers that have gone AWOL again? :lol:
  9. Shadow Flickering in Dirt 2 (DX11?) is an ATI problem too, so I blame the Dirt 2 Patch 1 for that.
  10. 258.96 is what I am running with 460's in sli. That was the latest one when I checked the nvidia website anyway. All I run on the gaming side is MW2. Does fine in that as far as I can tell at 1920x1200 with fraps it say about 115 FPS. Guess thats good?? And I get over 26000 in vantage....gues thats ok??
  11. I get about ~5 - 9 more frames (with the 259 dell drivers) in my average framerate results in Mafia II as opposed to using the 258 drivers.

    Haven't tested the texture corruption issues i had with it yet though - it usually takes about an hour maybe a lil less before the textures go all nutty.
  12. as far as i can tell, the latest drivers i got from nvidia's website (dunno the exact numbers) 2 days, made metro2033dx10 a little more fluid on my gtx260.
  13. How come Dell is releasing drivers BEFORE nVidia? That's weird, they're probably beta drivers, but still, I find strange that Dell releases beta drivers.

    Latest beta drivers on the nVidia website are currently 260.63. I can't wait for nVidia to release their next official drivers.
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