Is there a program to do this?

Hey everyone!
In my home there are two laptops, and a desktop. There is also an htpc/file server that is kinda of the work horse. The file server is backed up every night to an external hard drive. I am wondering if there is a program that can automatically move new files from the laptops/desktop to the file server so they are there for the nightly backup (as in if i add a new picture to my pictures folder on my desktop, can i have it where it is automatically duplicated to the file share. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. To do what?
  2. Not exactly what you want, but look into CrashPlan.
  3. That is what i am currently using to back up the file share to an external.
  4. Run the schedule backup on the backup program. Free Backup Software – Best Windows Backup Software Programs
  5. I use a program called Syncback. It's pretty cool and generally does what you want it to. The paid versions can copy the files the moment you save them, while with the free version you would have to set up a schedule for it to do it at a certain time.
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