Asus M4A79 Deluxe mother board Cross fire problem

Hi all.

I have the Asus M4A79 Deluxe mother board.

I recently bought a second HD 6870 Radeon gfx card to use as a crossfire solution on my mother board. But my problem is this : I have also ordered a Revodrive , with must be used on a PCI express slot.

Currently I only have one gfx card installed, the second one is ordered and its on its way with the Revo drive. I should get it it the mail in a few days.
But i realized that I might not have enough space for the revodrive, since the gfx cards are so big.

Here's my question. Can I install the gfx cards on the BLACK slots on the motherboard? Instad of the BLUE slots ? Is there any difference ?
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  1. are you sure? I've read that the black slots only have x1
  2. OK, Is it possibole to run crossfire if I use a blue slot and a black slot ? Does that matter?
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