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I'm at the purchasing screen for my new Corsair Professional Series Gold 850AX PSU and I need to know one key thing before I make the purchase -- will it fit in my case (Thermaltake Armor A60) if my Coolermaster eXtreme Power Plus 700W does? Or will it fit in my case in general? It's a mid tower case. I just want to make sure it does before I go ahead and purchase it only to find out it doesn't fit.
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  1. It will fit; some cases with the power supply space at the bottom require long cables to reach the board; try your old ps first; both will fit the space.
  2. Yes.... Your case fits the standard ATX power supplies, which the AX850 fits under that standard. The PSU is only 0.8" longer, so less than an inch. If you don't have that room, than it won't fit.
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