Help setting up raid 0 no visible bios option available

My motherboard is an msi ms-7592 v5.2 and the only visible raid option is ide. I want to raid a couple of sata drives. Do the drives have to be the same size? one is 40gb the other 60gb. If I can only raid ide will this give me better performance vs the sata alone no raid? I need help to set up the raid.I have about 4 40gb idea drives.
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  1. Your chipset doesn't support raid, but that doesn't matter. 40Gb drives are so slow (compared to new drives), that you wouldn't see any difference.
  2. Sorry, but your motherboard does not support RAID.

    You would have to buy a PCIe x1 RAID controller card if you want to set up a RAID array.
  3. noidea_77 said:
    40Gb drives are so slow (compared to new drives), that you wouldn't see any difference.

  4. dang. Can I at least do a software raid?
  5. if the software isn't an option i already have a pcie card so the slot is filled out. Is there any way to get a pci card on the cheap? I'm more than cool with ebay.
  6. bump
  7. Dont think bumping is allowed. But PCIe cards from High Point are good and a dual port card is around 30 bucks last time I checked. Its software raid, but better than nothing.
  8. So an adapter is actually a software raid?
    Also is it worth the cash?
    my mobo has the option for ide raid can I at least try that.
  9. according to the manual for the motherbd you say you have, there is no support for ide or sata raid? Do you have a different motherbd than ther ms-7592 you posted? maybe you typo'd?

    yes, all cheap adapters are software raid and some are even worse than windows/linux's built in software raid.

    But yeah if you have it then go ahead and try it. AS other have told you this will not be fast...
    plug in the two drives, remember to set the drive at the end of the cable as master and the other one as slave. Boot up into the bios and set the ide for raid, reboot and enter the raid bios (usually ctrl+f), Configure a raid 0 using both the drives, format the drives. Boot into windows, go into your drive manager if windows doesnt auto detect the new hdd and initialize it. When its done you can use it.

    if you have to install windows to this raid I sure hope you have a sata dvd drive...
    if you do be sure to have the windows raid drivers ready. You will need to press f6 during windows install to load these drivers for the install program to see your raid.
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