Processor Upgrade info Needed for Dell OPTIPLEX(s)

I'm looking for the best (maybe also the 2nd best to save money) processor that I can upgrade to for a DELL OPTIPLEX GX745, 745, & 755.
I hate Dells, but this is for my boss who wants to get these to 3.0ghz and isn't listening to me. Any help/links will be much appreciated! also, feel free to email me directly at

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I have a 745 and I know that a E4xxx series will work since I replaced my Pentium D 945 3.4ghz with a E4300 1.8ghz which despite clock speed is faster.
    You can use 65nm Core2Duos which are the Allendales and Conroes.
    So a E6xxx series Conroe 65nm should work also.
    A good way to go would be the E6600 65nm Conroe.
    Dont worry about hitting 3ghz since the Core2Duo at 2.4 will beat the Pentium D 3.4 easily.
    The 755 supports higher end C2Ds and C2Quads so I think you can use 45nm Wolfdale duals and also some quads.
    Do a search on Toms search line for optiplex 745/755 upgrades.
    There are plenty of threads regarding cpu upgrades on those machines
    on here.
  2. here is some links
    this one is for figuring out which cpu fastest
    this one is info on Core 2 Duos
    this is 745 user guides
    this one is for 755s

    also go on ebay and look up each model and see what came from Dell in those units

    From my research I found that E6600/Q6600 will fit 745s though I havent confirmed that yet :)
    I believe that almost any C2D/C2Q will fit 755s (E8xxx,Q9xxx etc)

    I like my 745 actually even though it is a Dell LOL
    It is quiet, draws low power and was CHEAP buying it used.
    The business class Dells (optiplex,vostro and precisions) usually
    are decent from my experience.
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