Antec 300 Fan Layout

I am Wondering how to set out the fans in my antec 300.
There is one Rear 120mm 3 speed fan.
One 140mm top 3 speed fan.
2 Front Led Green 120mm Fans
1 Side 120mm green led fan
How Should i set these out to keep my cpu and gpu coolest
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  1. Top and back should be outs, the front two should be ins, and i would try with and without the side fan, sometimes it helps, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it does nothing.
  2. Side fan dropped my 2 GTX460's by 5C, get some fairly powerfull fans for the front 50 CFM+.
  3. +1 to hunter315. I have an Antec 300 and that's pretty much my setup. It's a great little case and has fantastic airflow for the money. I'd also agree with beanoslim that you want some powerful fans for the front intakes, especially since you have the front air filters which will reduce airflow somewhat. I didn't bother with the side fan on my Antec300 though and chopped it out for a side-window mod ;)
  4. Okay, Thanks Guys
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