NVIDIA graphics card on a machine running Windows 7 giving my display the run-ar

Hello, total n00b here. Opened up a computer for the first time and installed an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card so that I could get some better graphics, plus an HDMI port to connect to our widescreen plasma TV. Worked great for a week.

Now, the computer boots into safe mode successfully, but a full boot renders the display useless; just a blank, black screen after it finishes the "starting Windows" screens. Can't figure out why. As far as I can tell, I didn't harm the computer while installing the card.

Any guesses? I saw all the pages relating to NVIDIA/Windows 7 resolution issues and I've had none of those. Any advice would be helpful, looking to learn.

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  1. Ty removing the Nvidia drivers and just using the plain XP display driver
    If that works download the latest Nvidia driver and install it
  2. What is your previous card? current card?
    Did you removed the previous card driver?
    You must remove the previous card driver before installing the new one...
  3. Are you using dual monitors? If you set a default monitor in windows, when it boots only the default monitor will have the login option, the other screen stays black until you log in and then it will expand to your full dual screen desktop. (at least this is what I found with WINXP)
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