How to check if the corsair h60 pump is working at 100%

Hi Everybody i just got the corsair h60 and i was wondering how to make sure that the pumps are working at %100 when i go into the bios it only shows the fan thats connected to the cpu fan on the motherboard.

Im getting idle temps at 40c is that ok?

My Build is:
amd phenom ii x4 955 black edition
4gb corsair dominator ram
asus m4n75td (Motherboard)
Gtx 580
750W PSU
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  1. 40 isnt bad.
    How hot does it run under load? Thats much more important.
  2. in prime 95 for 40 min was under load and it was 57-61
  3. The 'all-in-one' maintenance-free loops have high idle temps, and in the BIOS make sure CPU Q-Fan Function -> Disabled for 100% pump speed.

    The 'temps' depend upon your ambient {room} temperature. Fan speeds and temps, all in one app, use HW Monitor -> I have a bunch of H50's at they run ~1400RPM.

    edit: I see the H60 Pump RPM speeds all over the place, the going consensus is 2000RPM~4000RPM; see ->

    So I'm curious what HW Monitor shows on your system?
  4. for some reason it doesnt show the pump in rpm (i think its the pump) its shows in percentage (99% on all 3)and for some reason it shows 3 of them. I looked in the bios it doesnt even show up there only the fan not the pump and q fan is disabled

    heres a picture of the hw monitor

    btw ambient temperature in my room is like 73 Fahrenheit
  5. 99% is full speed, and if the Pump is connected to the CPU_Header with Q-Fan -> Disabled it is running at full speed. Temps look fine.

    Otherwise, the only telltale sign that something is wrong is a hot to the touch pump.
  6. Nothing wrong that I can see. Temps are good to great depending on what room temp is!
  7. it overheated i reapplied new thermal paste and when i tried to turn on my comp again after that the power supply (i think) short curcuited made another post about that
  8. 61 Degrees Celsius is not overheating???
  9. when it overheated it was way over that it was 68 or higher
  10. From that post "What happened was i plugged the power cord into the power supply it looked like it was gonna turn on then it sounded like a small firecracker went off and there was a big blue light "

    DO NOT turn your PC ON! RMA the PSU or purchase another 'good' PSU e.g. Corsair with power protection. 850W OC CPU + GPU on a single GTX 580 or a 1000W on AM3+ in SLI.

    Even on a $500~$1,000+ water loop there is a Thermal Limit to ANY CPU OC. The H60 is akin with a good HSF; it's nice and clean but it has its' limits.
  11. i used msi control center with mine but my pump died and now im stuck back with my stock amd cooler but at idle i was getting 18.C and underload prime95 for 1 hour i ws getting around 55.C-60.C
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