Hard drives lost after reboot?


I Have A Custom Built PC. I Have 1 x 1TB Hard Drive & 2TB Hard Drive Both Bought Externaly And Took Apart Into Internal, And Also A 120GB Solid State Drive And A 80GB Hard Drive, Before Microsoft Sussed My Cracked Windows 8 All Were Working With My OS Currently On My 120GB Solid State And The Rest Holding Infomation For My Personal Use, Now After Having To Return To Windows 7 Ultimate Also Cracked But Never Sussed Me Out As Its Updatable, The OS Has Been Installed On The 80GB Hard Drive As Its The Only Drive My PC Can Pick Up! Now When I Connect All SATA Power Leads Etc The Computer Boots Up To The "Windows Loading" Screen Then A 0.5 Second Flash Of The Blue Screen Comes On And It Reboots Same Process? By The Way This Is The Process When ALL Drives Are Connected But When I Boot Up With Only The 80GB It Works Hence How Im Sending This Help Message, Any Ideas?
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  1. Get legal with Windows and we'll be happy to help. Until then we aren't interested.
  2. Well. Your Alot Of Help!
  3. This site does NOT help hackers and software "purveyors" of a certain group classification. I.E. ... you.

    If you had bothered to read the terms of use you would know that.

    Or even read other postings looking for "lost" product keys or outright asking for one.

    So go away.
  4. People, please get some COMMON SENSE and quite posting requests for help with illegal software.

    This is against the rules here.

    Nobody is going to help you so let's just close this thread.
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