Home built for under 1k

so this will be my first homebuilt pc and i need some insight on the components
my budget is 1k or below and im not trying to make the most beastly pc but something in my budget (give or take a few hundred)
and i would also like some insight on brands and all that
i picked out these parts and i was wondering about them (suggestions all that)

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  1. Your build looks fine and all the brands are fine. Most major brands will all be competent components but you should always check reviews(google the item and check newegg user reviews). But without knowing what this computer is for it's hard to judge your build. You also might want to checkout the best configs in the system forum for ideas or reference.

    edit: Also I noticed you were shopping at Best Buy which isn't a bad store but you will be able to find the exact same components much cheaper and with many more options at sites like www.newegg.com or even www.tigerdirect.com

    example the xfx 5750 is $135 at newegg or 120 after a rebate. Which I should mention is a fine multimedia card but if you plan on gaming I would seriously consider upgrading
  2. First of all, I would go with different RAM- the G.Skill Ripjaw series from new egg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231277&cm_re=ddr3-_-20-231-277-_-Product

    Secondly, go with a 5770 rather than a 5750. (From new egg it's cheaper too) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102898&cm_re=5770-_-14-102-898-_-Product

    Thirdly, get your CPU from newegg, it's $15 cheaper.

    Pretty much just get everything from newegg.

    I actually just read ice919's comment and totally agree.
  3. *** forgot to put what i wanted it for
    this computer is going to be for gaming and really just that and some internet use
    (i have a laptop for school)
    and i was just on bestbuy to look for parts i will be shopping at newegg for the cheaper prices
  4. My build is similar except for the CPU (I have a phenom ii 945) and i can run any game on full blast (highest settings and resolution of 2048x1152). My build was $917
  5. Oh well for gaming you will want to change that vid card for sure. You should get a 5770 at the very least and AMD is launching new cards this week so I would probably just wait a week and you could probably get the same card cheaper or a newer or better card for the same price. Depending on what resolution of gaming you want to play at a 5770, 5830, gt460, or whatever the 6000s in that range would be pretty good cards. And I would probably choose some better ram that is cl7 or cl8 as javamonsoon pointed out. And again I would checkout the best builds for $1000 dollars which given that is your budget would give you multiple reference builds to customize for yourself.
  6. ok
    and i will be building it around xmas so ill see what the new cards are
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  9. My build is also similar except I have 2x 500gb HDDs on RAID 1 for security, the x6 1090t, and a 750W PSU. $1035, $930 after MIR.

    I do agree with the newegg comments, they have some insane deals...
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