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Installing Windows 7 OEM

So I'm building my mother a computer I named "the facebook cruzer" because all she does it facebook. Anyway I oped for OEM Windows 7, rather then paying out the a** for retail. So my question is, is it difficult to install an OEM version of windows 7 or is it the same. As in pop in the disk install done? Just curious, I already know that the OEM is tied to the motherboard and no MS support so i'm just wondering if its any more difficult. If it is I might just install Ubuntu.
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  1. I think it's about the same. The difference is on the cdkey that will get binded to the system.
  2. Yeah, thats it. just drop in the DVD. boot from it and install.

    When done, you will want to get the latest drivers for the system(from the motherboard makers website. you may need the CD that came with the board to get the network card working, but win7 works with many cards out of the box).
  3. I read some things about OPK or something like that. Could someone explain what this is?
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