Building a 3d home threater setup?

I have a asus crosshair iv formula. It was a sound card called SupremeFX X-Fi don't know much about it but its probly not hte best. Im looking at the new creative xfi hd card and was wondering if there was a way to do 5.1 analog or 7.1 analog with it or if there is a better card for me for movies.

Parts im using ot build the setup,

gtx 580

asus 23 3d monitor

logitech THX 2.1 for center and sub

corsair sp2500 2.1 for front channels

bose companion 2 for rear.

The sound im going for is supper clean and you can hear all the mid range and i wasn't sure any of the 5.1 systems i found would do that. I seen the logitech z5500 but to me i can't see that sounding the best. I was thinking about the bose companion 5 but every one bitch's becuase its bose and won't really review the gear. I buy from newegg and what i have listed is the best gear they have. Is the sound card on my board good enough for great movie sound or should i get a card and whats the best sound card for movies? Dose THX really make stuff sound that much better?
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  1. Is there a cable that can take opitcal and turn it in to analog or the other way around?
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