Use EVGA Nvidia 9800GTX+ & 8500GT together NON-SLI

Hey guys, I happened to get my hands on a 8500GT. I am using a multi-display setup currently, Two monitors, one of which is connected to the on-board video and one connected to the 9800GTX+ with a Panasonic TV connected to the other dvi connection on the 9800GTX+. What I want to do is pop in the 8500GT and use that intead of the on-board video for one of the monitors. I tried installing the card and connecting the one of the monitors to the 8500GT. When I turned back on my rig, nothing no bios start up screen or anything, just black. I tried several different configurations to no avail. When I took out the card and put it back to its original configuration and of course everything works fine? Is there something conflicting the start up? Are the cards compatible to be used together (at the same time not SLI)? Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. You can't make an sli with 2 different models but you can make one as primary and another different one for physx only but 8500 gt doesn't support physx and even if it supports physx , it will bottle neck your 9800 .
    Bad Idea to join these cards , If you want to add another card to the system , add another 9800 and make sli or add another different card for physx but make 9600 gt at least .

    My opinion , is to sell both cards and get a new pretty 460 GTX .
  2. If i had 300 bucks to unload, I would love a gtx460 and I havent found the need to yet, the good old 9800GTX can take anything I throw at it Crysis is nothin. I dont plan to use the 8500GT for gaming, it is just so that I am able to run 4 monitors. When I play games I just disable all but one monitor connected to my 9800GTX+ so there is no bottle necking. Thanks though.
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    You should be able to run them in extended mode. Try disabling on board and switching the primary monitors port/cards.

    Whats the model of your Mobo?
  4. I will give it a shot. I have a MSI NF980-G65. Thanks.
  5. Worked like a charm! Thanks!
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  7. YAY, mother in law just got me a gtx 470 superclocked!!
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